Cottage Catering

Our popular Cottage Catering service is available to group bookings in The Rookery and Kingfisher Cottage. Delicious home cooked dishes using seasonal local produce which is cooked in-house by Karen and Lorraine and delivered piping hot to your cottage at a prearranged time.

We have chosen dishes that  will keep in the oven if your pre-dinner drinks run over!

Cottage Catering is popular with guests on their first night following a day spent travelling - a special celebration or just a night away from the cooker!!



  • Curried parsnip soup
  • Stilton and leek tartlets
  • Chicken and mushroom pate
  • Smoked mackerel in a cheese sauce
  • Carrot and sweet potato soup
  • Antipasti


  • Locally sourced beef, braised with button mushrooms and sweetened with redcurrant jelly.
  • Chicken breasts cooked in a piquant sauce with garlic onions and tomatoes
  • Diced neck of lamb slowly cooked with garlic, spices and sweetened with mango chutney
  • Chicken breasts cooked with leeks and mushrooms served in a sherry and cream sauce
  • Thai pork curry with water chestnuts
  • Beef braised with mushrooms in a white wine, garlic and balsamic vinegar sauce.

All the above dishes are served with a choice of potatoes, rice or pasta, accompanied with a selection of fresh vegetables or mixed salad.


  • Fresh fruit pavlova
  • Profiteroles with chocolate sauce
  • Divine lemon pots
  • Traditional treacle tart
  • Chocolate roulade
  • Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce


  • 3 courses 1 choice  £20 per person
  • 3 courses 2 choices £22 per person
  • 3 courses 3 choices £24 per person

Please note when you are choosing choices for your party minimum of 4 portions per choice. ( difficult to do 1 chocolate roulade)

Payment is in cash before departure please


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